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Lighting Up Indian economy - Lamp Import and Export overview

Lighting Up Indian economy - Lamp Import and Export overview

Importing and exporting lamps and lighting is a booming business, with the global market worth an estimated $106 Billion and expected to reach a value of $179 billion by 2031.

This industry is also known as the lighting industry. It includes all products used for lighting purposes, including bulbs and other light sources.

The lamp Industry has seen an increase in consumer demand due to the rising number of LED lamps and renewable lighting being sold in the country. The prices have also decreased over time due to increased competition between manufacturers and distributors.

The Indian Lightning products industry is growing at a rate of 19.3% CAGR per year, with over $1 billion in exports and imports each year. The industry is expected to generate approximately 6,922 million in revenue between FY 2021 and 2025.

In addition, consumers have increased awareness about energy conservation practices, due to which they are willing to invest more in energy-efficient products such as LED bulbs.

Lighting products are considered an essential part of our lives as they provide us with light when we need it most during power cuts or natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. They also help us save money by reducing our electricity bills because they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

Lamp export

  • The lamp export industry in India is a thriving business, with an export value of more than 202,227 lakhs in FY 2021.
  • Lightning products are used in many industries, from home appliances to cars, sports equipment to medical devices. As technology changes and evolves, so does the need for lighting products. The lightning products industry is expected to grow even further as more and more enterprises adopt this technology.
  • The lamp exporter industry in India is a highly competitive and fast-growing market. The global demand for energy-efficient lamps, especially in emerging markets like India, is driving growth in the lamp industry.
  • The government of India has set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country.
  • The lamp industry has also been able to use technology to improve the quality of its products and increase efficiency. New methods for producing lamps have allowed manufacturers to increase production rates without sacrificing quality or lowering prices.
  • Lighting import and export is a lucrative industry, but it's not without its challenges. One of the biggest problems that companies face when importing and exporting is the complexity of logistics - lighting is a delicate product, and if it isn't handled properly, it can be damaged in transit. This can lead to huge losses for importers and exporters.

Lamp import

Lamp import in India is becoming popular because of their low cost, making them affordable to most people. Indian import of lamps stands at 318,269 lakhs in FY 2021.

The demand for lamps and lighting products is rising steadily in India, driven by increasing urbanization, rapid industrialization, and increased use of electricity, high disposable income of consumers, rising population, a growing number of households, increasing demand for quality products at affordable prices, and growth in online retailing.

Indian market is flooded with a variety of lighting products and lamps. Lamp imports are from all over the world for the Indian market. The lighting products are imported in various quantities, shapes, and sizes according to the demand of the Indian market.

Indians are increasingly concerned about the environment and are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints.

There are several different types of lighting products imported into India. The most popular are LED lights, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, and decorative neon tube lights.