Epitomme: The Pinnacle of Jute Export 

Jute is a strong lignocellulosic fiber that has gained popularity due to its environmental friendliness, ability to withstand high abrasion, and resilience. It has the seductive property of looking like wood but performing the functions of the fabric.

Therefore, jute is in great demand in major industries around the world. Epitomme has recognized the demand for the product and is exporting it to the international market.

Jute export trends:

Epitomme stands for its high-quality jute export features and supplies its products to customers worldwide. According to recent estimates, the market value of jute is expected to reach $3.3 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 9.4. Epitome is aware of the latest trends in jute exports and exhibits its services to multiply the good value of its customers. Premium quality jute is used in mats, clothing, and bags; geotextiles to prevent soil erosion and agro textiles to produce plant nets, field nets, and curtains.

Jute (HS-67029010) Manufacturer

As a manufacturer, we model and sell various types of jute, including

  • White jute
  • Tossa jute
  • Mesta jute
  • Jute cuttings

Customers' needs are the priority for our company; therefore, as a jute manufacturer, we take the lead in realizing all kinds of jute varieties.

Our company's jute has excellent insulating and acoustic properties and complies with international regulations. Our products are reinforced to the degree that improves their quality and prevents the fading of the jute loops. Moreover, they are 100% biodegradable. As jute exporters, we guarantee our customers high-quality golden fiber at an affordable price. Therefore, our jute exporters exceed the expectations of our renowned customers.

Why Epitomme: The Emerging Jute Traders?

  • Epitomme's jute products go through the fine processes of defoliation, rotting, spinning, weaving, and finishing; therefore, the quality is suitable for international certifications.
  • Our expert team comprises qualified professionals who make the entire export shipping process easier and faster.
  • Our ethos never compromises the quality of the product. We have laboratory results that highlight our genuine qualities.
  • Our company has the most transparent tracking system so that the products will reach their destination within the estimated time without any deviation. Thus, Epitomme has been recognized as a leading jute trader that maintains all the important advantages.
  • Epitomme's mission is to provide the best variety of jute to people worldwide and unite all customers under one global motto where everyone has access to premium quality jute.

All questions about the product are welcome. Customer service is the most important value of Epitomme. As a jute lover, you will surely admire our bond.