Maize Export reaches a new high with Epitomme

Maize is the most cultivated cereal. It belongs to the grass family and stores its starch as separate kernels. The starchy endosperms of the maize decide its superior quality, and the Epitomme knows the nuances of the food product. This deep knowledge is reflected in our export quality products, which have impressed our clients across the global market.

About Maize (HS-1005) Export

Epitomme is one of the leading maize export companies that ensures high-quality products to its customers worldwide. The global maize market is expected to grow at a 4.6 % annual rate. Thus, Epitomme calculates the market trends and offers our clients the best prices with a guaranteed fastest shipment process.

Our maize products are of high quality. They are compatible with food production, biogas, ethanol, starch, and animal feed applications. However, for each application, the variety of maize gets changed, the details of which are conveyed to our Epitomme customers.

As Epitomme has the best technical team to assist our clients, the maize exporter does the job perfectly. As a result, our maize export has become more efficient and cost-effective to the customers in the international market.

Maize supplier

Epitomme, as a maize supplier, guarantees the premium quality of maize which undergoes the processes of pre-treatment; thus, the customers can get premium quality products. For our customers, we pick the top-graded maize with enhanced nutritional value.

The available maize varieties in Epitomme are,

  • Dent maize
  • Sweet maize (Su, Se, Sh2, and Syn subtypes)
  • Popcorn (un-popped)
  • Hominy
  • Polenta
  • Cornmeal
  • Flint Corn
  • Pod corn

Maize Trading

  • Epitomme is the best maize trading company that offers products with accurate test results. Our customers can learn about starch, endosperm, thiamine, and fiber content in the maize through our lab test results, ensuring that every step in our exports is transparent and customer-friendly.
  • We have highly qualified and trustworthy technical experts and Maize Exporters who advise clients on shipment procedures and international regulations. Thus, the products reach their destination in a shorter period than expected.
  • To strengthen the trust of our customers, we invite them to our live demo of products; the customers can check the quality of the products.

Our products have a personal touch that is curated for our clients. Kindly visit us to learn about our natural exporting process, and feel free to satisfy your queries, if any.