Palm oil export Booms with Epitomme

Palm oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the mesocarp of the oil plum. It is the poor man's cooking oil and has thus become an economic commodity. Its fluctuating value affects the overall inflation of a country, making Palm oil export a serious business. For this reason, Epitommet is responsible for supplying this product to our global customers.

The global market value of Palm oil export is estimated to reach around $65.5 billion in 2027, targeting a healthy CAGR rate of 4.3%.

Epitomme, an exporter of palm oil, thoroughly analyzes these global trends before exporting to other countries. This gives customers worldwide access to cheaper and healthier vegetable oils. As exporters of palm oil, we guarantee that our products will reach a wider audience.

Palm oil Manufacturer

Epitomme, as a palm oil supplier, provides high-quality palm oil used in various industries such as food, beverage, personal care, pet food, and biogas. Palm oil also replaces petroleum and petroleum-based oils in power plants and the transportation sector.

The oil quality of palm oil is determined by its oxidation properties. As a responsible palm oil trader, Epitomme strives to export oils more resistant to oxidation. In addition, Epitomme has earned RSPO certification, which states that each Epitomme product is safe for the environment and that appropriate practices have been used in its production. The palm oil manufacturer team ensures a smooth and efficient process of sterilization, stripping, digestion, extraction, cleaning, and packaging.

Palm oil (HS-1511) Trading: The Journey

Epitomme exports two types of palm oil: crude palm oil and palm kernel oil. We are a team focused on customer satisfaction, so the palm oil trading company provides our customers with the highest quality oil regardless of market fluctuations.

Benefits of choosing Epitomme:

  • Since our laboratory results affect the measurement of specific gravity, refractive index, and saponification value, they have a global value. This facilitates the export procedure and complies with international regulations. So our products are popular and trustworthy among the world public.
  • The laboratory results also indicate the degree of adulteration. Our pure and high-quality products have no adulteration value, so Epitomme, the palm oil trader, is accepted in the world market.
  • Technical experts support customers throughout the export process, ensuring smooth and timely shipment delivery to the desired destination. The palm oil supplier Epitomme has a unique tracking system that facilitates tracking goods movements.


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