Key Dynamics in Soybean Exports

The soybean is a protein-rich legume native to eastern countries. Since it is the cheapest source of protein, it should reach all corners of the world so that more people can benefit from it. Epitomme perfectly accomplishes this task by bridging the world's countries to make it accessible to all.

Soybeans Export values

Epitomme, the leading soybean export company, promises a high-quality product and promotes the export of soybeans by analyzing market trends. According to the economic reports, soybean export value will increase by 396 million tonnes by 2027, with a CAGR growth rate of 1.6%. This is the best time to export the products to different countries.

Epitomme, the soybean exporters, provides its customers with first-class products. Thus, the products have a greater impact on applications such as soy sauce, raw materials, TVP, oil, fermentation, lubricants, paints, and crayons.

The Soybean Manufacturer

Epitomme can proudly boast of being the most important and best soybean manufacturer. Our products go through the process of soybean procurement, pre-treatment, drying, dehulling and efficient sorting. The processing conditions and stages differ according to the needs of our customers. In exporting, there is no static process; we also have dynamic options.

Epitomme, the soybean supplier, ensures that the different varieties of the product are delivered because each product has its benefits and functionalities that differ according to the application. In this way, soybean exporters offer a variety of options to their customers worldwide. We find suitable products for our different customers with much care and attention.

The different types of soybeans are:

  • Kurakake soybeans
  • Yellow soybeans
  • White soybeans
  • Black soybeans
  • Brown soybeans
  • Green soybeans
  • Red soybeans

Soybean (HS-12081000) Trading

Epitomme, the soybean trading company, also offers enriched soybeans, whose nutritional values of phytic acid, minerals, and protein properties are improved and can be easily absorbed by the human body. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have provided services at an affordable price. Therefore, Epitomme proves to be an unbeatable Soybean trader.

Our main mission is to meet the needs of our customers. Our team strives to build trust and provide the best customer service. Earning your trust is a priceless proposition for our Epitomme company.

  • We have an excellent technical team to support customers, and our actions speak louder than words. Our laboratory test results confirm the quality of our products.
  • Our team tirelessly takes care of shipping procedures and international regulations, ensuring that goods are exported smoothly. It helps ensure that goods reach their destination quickly.

Feel free to send us your queries and doubts. We are here to help you. Allow us to leave a lasting impression on your professional life.