Urea Export and the Best Solution Provider: Epitomme

Urea is a nitrogenous end product of the metabolism of proteins. A natural chemical compound, it plays a major role as a prominent fertilizer for all plants. As urea's chemical composition and quality impact a nation's growth, Epitomme guarantees premium plant and product-friendly urea to international clients.

Urea has become an important economic commodity. Due to the elevated demand, its market value is also increasing significantly. Urea export, however, necessitates special care and expertise to maximize its applications, which Epitomme excels at.

According to the global urea outlook data, the market value of urea is expected to grow to $58.1 billion with a CAGR growth rate of 2.89 percent. Epitomme, the urea exporters, tackle and evaluate the values to optimize the cost of the urea export. Our premium quality urea has applications in manufacturing fertilizers, animal feeds, cosmetics, pharmacies, automobiles, urethane manufacturing, coatings, adhesives, and resins.

Urea (HS-31021000) Manufacturer

The quality of the urea decides the overall cost and nitrogenous emissions to the environment. We export the urea that undergoes the melting and granulating processes, which results in cost-effective and high-yield urea. As Epitomme provides the products as per our customer's needs, we offer a wide range of options in the varieties of urea, such as:

  • Fertilizer Grade
  • Food Grade
  • Technical Grade
  • Prilled Urea
  • Granular Urea
  • Crystal Urea
  • Blue Urea

Epitomme, as the urea manufacturer, ensures an effective synthesis, absorption, recycling, evaporation, desorption, and hydrolysis process. Epitomme puts special efforts into the upgradation of the quality of the product. As a global urea exporter, we export a product that causes emissions within the regulated emission levels.

Urea Supplier

Epitomme, as a urea supplier, supplies urea to industries with different utilities. The products are curated according to the customer's requirements. Since our urea trading products are internationally certified, the company exports them globally.

Some services that can be obtained from Epitomme, the reputed urea supplier:

  • Customers can get the laboratory results of urea showing that its carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen content and density have been tested, which serves as proof for export formalities.
  • Our clients can also avail the facility to have live product demo before purchasing the products, irrespective of the quotation values.

Customers are the biggest advocates of Epitomme, so we treasure them. Our customer service is something that any other company cannot replicate. As it is a unique feature of Epitomme hence kindly join our family.