Epiomme Catapults in Ceramic Export in the International Market (HS-Code - 6901.00)

Ceramics is a variegated trading industry owing to its large list of products, such as sanitary ware, cement, sophisticated porcelain, ceramic tiles, space shuttle tiles, electronic products, etc., apart from the famous pottery and dishes.

Because of the existence of several minor and major companies globally, the international ceramics industry is particularly dynamic. Epitomme, as a ceramic exporter recognizing the expansive nature of ceramic export, has registered its mark in the market.

Catering to The Market Demand

There was a USD 247.4 billion international ceramics market in 2020, and a growth of 4.4% is expected in the year between 2021 and 2028. Because of the global increase in construction projects, the use of ceramics in manufacturing items such as sanitary wares and ceramic tiles is expected to expand, thereby affecting ceramic trading.

Moreover, ceramics are predicted to have significant absorption in the medical sector due to their growing application in implant production. A global increase in the medical business due to factors such as the coronavirus outbreak and an aging society will likely boost industry expansion. Keeping an eye on prospects, Epitomme extensively contributes to ceramic export in the global market. Some of the products are:

  • Porcelain Sanitary ware

  • Abrasives

  • Bricks, Blocks, and Pipes

  • Ceramic Tiles

  • Titanium Carbide

  • Ceramic Foam

  • Pottery or Earthenware

  • Ceramic household articles such as crockery, dishes, pitcher vases, etc

The Committed Ceramic Trader: Epitomme

Epitomme is dedicated to its customers and operates transparently.

  • While exporting our ceramic goods, we, as responsible ceramic exporters, adhere to hazardous waste management, handling, and transboundary movement standards.

  •  Each ceramic product comes with a test assessment record from the related agency.

  • Only top-notch, robust boxes with the right dimensions for the product are used for the logistics and distribution of porcelain or ceramics. For added safety, warning labels with phrases like "Fragile" and "Please handle with care" are applied.

  • Epitomme, as a ceramic trader, offers highly qualified and competent technical specialists and personnel who assist customers with transportation techniques and ceramic trading agreements.

  • Epitomme has the most sophisticated surveillance system. The shipment is delivered promptly and without any complications.

The vision of Epitomme is to deliver the best ceramic goods to its customers worldwide and to support the expanding global market for ceramic export and related products. We function as a support to influence consumers and assist clients in enhancing their respective businesses. For updates or further details, get in touch with us. We're here to help you out!