Epitomme: The Giant In Granite Export - (HS Code-68022310)

Granite makes up around 80% of the earth's crust. It is one of the oldest, strongest, and most spectacular natural stones available in the market. Since it is highly useful, incredibly attractive, waterproof, stain resistant, heat resistant, easy to clean, and hard to damage, it has found wide applications in the industry. As a result, people commonly choose it for kitchen counters, flooring, and walls in their homes. Granite stones also have numerous commercial applications. Since their global demand is high, Epitomme is committed to high-quality granite export to the global market.

Global Trends In Granite Export:

It is expected that between 2021 to 2028, worldwide granite trading will grow at a CAGR of 4%. The size of the worldwide granite market is projected to reach USD 23238.57 million by 2028. At Epitomme, as a granite exporter, we understand the ever-increasing applications and demand for granite. Many commercial properties also make use of granite. Construction projects extensively use granite, including pavement, buildings, bridges, and monuments. Due to its hardness, granite is used to construct gravestones, monuments, and statues. Azurite granite, mainly used as a jewel, also has applications in the construction industry.

Global Granite Supplier:

 The granite stone is traded in natural, uncut form or after being processed into blocks or slabs. Epitomme Granite Supplier trades in various forms according to the client's demands. We supply granite blocks, slabs and tiles of the highest quality in various hues and textures to different parts of the world. Some of our Granite export products are:

  • Ivory Brown Granite Slab
  • Vizag Blue Granite Slab
  • Amba White Granite Block
  • Seera Grey Granite Block
  • Flamed Granite Tiles
  • Imperial Red Granite

Various aspects like colour, crystallinity, and lustre heavily influence granite's hardness scale. Granite is hard, being 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are prone to staining yet are durable.

As Epitomme is a granite manufacturer, supplier, and granite exporter, the firm provides its customers with a wide selection of slabs and tiles that meet the standards of Mohs hardness levels. Epitome, as a granite manufacturer, is committed to providing the highest quality granite possible to our customers at unmatched pricing in the industry.

The Advantages Of Selecting Epitomme, The GraniteTrader

  • The skilled professionals in the export business at Epitomme streamline and expedite the whole granite export shipping process.
  • Our principles never compromise a product. We can prove our genuineness by showing the results of the lab tests.
  • The goods arrive at their locations promptly within the specified time; owing to our company's most thorough surveillance system,
  • Epitomme upholds all necessary standards, earning itself a stature of a top granite trader.
  • The objective of Epitomme is to provide customers with the best assortment of granite products available.

Service to our customers is the essence of Epitomme. You will certainly be impressed by our collection of granite tiles, blocks and slabs, which are abundantly displayed.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries on granite trading; we will be glad to help you.