Epitomme Makes a Mark in the Marble Export (HS Code 25174100)

Marble is an excellent natural stone that evolves through a transformation under the intense pressure of the Earth.

Different kinds of marble are used to sculpt the most famous wonders of the world. This explains why marble is so highly sought-after globally. Acknowledging the high demand for marble in various sectors, Epitomme decided to plunge itself into the International Marble export.

Market Trends in the Export of Marble

Verified industry research indicates that the international marble industry was estimated at USD 52.90 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to expand to USD 68.62 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 3.3% from 2019 to 2026. Epitomme, the Marble exporter, realizes the importance and contribution of marble export in the global market and is committed to manufacturing, supplying, and exporting the same.

Epitomme: The Marble Supplier

Marbles are calcium carbonate-containing calcareous stones. Due to their softness and high porosity, marbles are difficult to see while maintaining their structural integrity. While sawing, there is a danger of breaking. Epitomme, the marble manufacturer, makes it easier to handle cutting with a low proportion of cracks by covering it with a reinforcing sheet. So before sawing, the reinforcing sheet is wrapped.

Our team of marble manufacturers utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to make the best marble products possible. Our ultimate objective is to supply its global clients with stunning genuine marble.

The marbles that Epitomme exports are:

  • Strong and incredibly resilient.

  • Hygienic

  • Resistant to heat and are cool

  • Antibacterial coated and

  • Easily cleaned

The marbles Epitomme manufactures and exports find applications in architecture, sculpture, and other fields or industries. Epitomme marble exporter exports marble for usage in:

  • Structures and sculptures

  • Whiting

  • Construction Aggregate

  • Treatment of Soil

  •  In Supplements

  • Gravestone marker etc.

The various products of Epitomme, the marble supplier, are:

  • White Onyx Marble

  • Toronto Brown Marble

  • Spider Green Marble

  • Mercury Black Marble

  • Rainforest Green Marble

  • Pink Marble

  • Flowery Gold Marble etc.

Virtues of Epitomme, the Marble Trader

  • Our primary goal is to satisfy the demands of our clients. Our staff works hard to earn investors' confidence and deliver exemplary marble trading service. The value of gaining your trust is immeasurable to Epitomme, the marble trader.

  • Customers receive outstanding technical help from our staff, and actions are more important than words. The results of our lab tests attest to the high calibre of our products in marble export.

  • Our crew handles shipping protocols and international laws assiduously, guaranteeing that items are shipped without incident. It makes it possible for items to be delivered promptly.

Contact us any time with your queries. We will be glad to serve your concerns. Our goal is to assist you. Give us a chance to have a positive impact on your work life.